Course Information


The beautiful, curving Gull River slalom course is technical and varied. The upper section (starting below Whitehorse Falls) is steep, narrow and fast with a few moderate holes and clean troughs. The river then widens through the middle section of the course, slowing slightly and remaining technical. At the lower section of the course, the river narrows, increasing in volume and speed, before pouring over the famed “otter slide” – a glassy, smooth tongue drop with football eddies on either side.

The entire white water section within the Preserve is 800m long. The race will start at the bottom of Whitehorse Falls, wind through 20 – 25 gates before finishing at the lake just below the otter slide. This is a 400m run with a difficulty range of class ll – class lll.

The Gull River is dam controlled which allows for reliable and steady water levels throughout the season. The race section is technical class ll+ at gauge level ˂ 8.1, and class lll at gauge level ˃ 8.2. Usual summer flow ranges from 10 m3/second – 18 m3/second.

The river is accessible via wide smooth walking paths on both sides (500m on river right, 300m on river left). The recent restoration project has provided large stone steps at several locations along the length of the course to facilitate access and prevent erosion of surrounding soil. River access is somewhat easier on river right. Boat walkers can easily be used. The MWP is on river left allowing for direct access to the river from your campsite.

The Downriver event will start at the bridge north of the MWP site. The length of the race is approximately 3-5km across the lake and will conclude at the top of the dam.